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The Bomas of Thairu



An African farm, a place, a system, a vehicle for upward mobility for the community. A learning institution, a cultural marketplace and a platform for self-actualization.

Learn About Our Journey

Learn About Our Journey

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Who We Are

We aim to create a place and a system that can be used as a vehicle for upward mobility for the community. A learning institution, a cultural marketplace, and a platform for self-actualization. We believe that everyone matters, and as such, we take it upon ourselves to be a bridge to those that we interact with as they journey towards their true purpose.

Our mission is one of love…

…and a belief that there is a higher power. Some come to us with the need for a job, a prayer, refuge or sometimes just something to eat. The Bomas of Thairu is an extension of a ministry long in the making that has now grown beyond our immediate family.

Our Journey

We are just a normal family with a huge desire to change the way we live, the way we eat, how we interact with the environment we live in and the people around us. We love people, cooking, gardening, animals, and true African dancing.

How It All Started.

As a father raising two boys in America, Mr. David Wairimu, the founder of our organization, strived for a place to teach self-sufficiency and holistic ways of living. Not having a place that can cater to such needs and or resources has always been one of biggest hinderance. Noticing that he was not alone in his search, he began to fulfill this need by creating the idea of a homestead (Boma), that will help not only his family but provide a chance for the wider community to develop culturally, mentally and physically, together.

Growing Our Community

Mr. Joseph Wanyaga Thairu was a scholar, a farmer, a father who came from nothing to being the Mayor of Nyeri county in Central Kenya. A great leader and mentor for many. He travelled as far as Brazil trying to find and learn different farming techniques and how a country can manage to feed its population without putting the environment at risk. As our organization builds, we keep Mr. Thairu’s teachings in mind, providing the opportunity to share our knowledge and to be role models in the community for environment management.

Building Ourselves and Others

Developing life skills and holistic living is a foundational belief for The Bomas of Thairu. We have begun the journey in creating the Mithamo Jua Kali center, where we partner with local skilled members of the community to teach our local youth basic skills such as plumbing and welding. Currently we have had the privilege to sponsor 7 young men through different skills training programs. As we move forward more community engagement activities plan to become available, including Goat Yoga!

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Our Community

We’re Building Together

Life Skills Training

Holistic living is what we intend to teach our patrons. We partner with skilled members of the community to provide a chance to our local youth to learn important trades such as plumbing, welding, carpentry and the basics of the supply chain.

Senior Citizen Outreach

As an immigrant community, one of the most critical needs we have is for services that cater to our senior citzens who have immigrated to the United States later in life. We at the Bomas provide the space where these individuals can participate in activities that help them engage with the community and each other.

Kipepeo Initiative

The word Kipepeo means butterfly in Swahili. We offer an sanctuary to prepare our children to fly, when the time is right. Our educational services including Goat Yoga, a petting zoo, and on premise fishing provides a way to escape from our devices and dance into the therapeutic healing of nature.

Building Bridges Initiative

At the Bomas, we believe everyone matters, and everyone has a purpose. We welcome individuals regardless of race, religion, tribe or sexual orientation. By partnering with various LGBTQIA+ and other groups, we at the The Bomas create a safe community in which all members feel connected.

Enviornment Management

As the world continues to change, and more imbalances affect the natural equilibrium of our planet and local community, we at The Bomas have become committed to reduce our environmental impact by adopting use of green technologies, products and practices.

Help Us, Help Others,

Achieve More

As progress with the development of our ministries, services and programs we continue our effort to help. as many people as we can. 100% of any contribution provided goes towards our organization, and any amount helps. If you would like. to make a non-monetary donation, please contact us directly.

Stay In Touch!

As we continue our journey, we welcome you to follow us as we overcome our challenges, build up others, progress our community, and educate on culture. If you ever have any questions please contact us directly!